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Halo Water Filtration

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We invite you to check the chlorine levels and other contaminants in the water coming into your home in the Phoenix area. You will likely find levels that exceed what you'd tolerate in a swimming pool.


Chlorine has been the standard water treatment in the U.S. for over 100 years. It has done a good job killing most of the microorganisms that harm us, but it makes drinking water taste bad, showers dry out skin and hair, and the fumes exacerbate asthma and other breathing problems. It can even damage your water plumbing!


While water purification is necessary, chlorine can be pretty harsh on your body, home plumbing, and water-using appliances. Once chlorine arrives in your home, it is important to remove it and any other contaminants that may be present.


Although municipal water is treated, your home’s water may have more chemicals and contaminants than you think. Even water in the Phoenix, Arizona, areas deemed “safe” for consumption by the government may contain levels of E. coli, radium, arsenic, lead, chlorine, and caustic minerals.

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HALO Water Purification System

A whole-house water filtration system protects every outlet of your home. It removes general additives, contaminants, and chemicals from your drinking water to make you and your family much healthier and safer. 

Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System

  • Clean, filtered water from every water source in the house

  • Healthier showers and baths

  • Extended life of water-using appliances and household pipes

  • Hard water treatment for scale-free showers and spotless glasses

  • Softer, brighter, and longer-lasting clothes

  • Healthier skin and hair, free of contaminants

If your area has special water concerns, you need a whole-house water filtration system to treat that problem and minimize any long-term effects.

HALO Water Systems has been in homes for 50 years and is the most reliable and recognized maintenance-free system on the market. Using an innovative magnetic process to alter the state of water that flows through it,


HALO does not add sodium or chemicals to soften the water. We are proud to extend a 10-year manufacturer guarantee on water quality, a 3-year guarantee on installation, and a 5-year guarantee on the circuit board. Rest assured, you're getting the best.


Enjoy the health benefits of a whole house water filter and the peace of mind with clean water for your family's health, Home's plumbing, and budget.

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