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Gas Water Heaters

Traditional gas water heaters are the most common type in the Phoenix areas. We have chosen the two most trouble free and longest last water heaters available in the USA, Bradford White and Ruud, they both have proven to be the most reliable, and respected by most plumbers. All our water heaters come with a full factory warranties and our 2-year workmanship warranty. It's a good choice to have Tankless pros install your new quality water heater. 

Bradford White Water Heaters.png
Bradford White Gas Water Heater.png


  • 30-40-50-75- Gallon

  • Low NOx, 0.63UEF

  • 6-10 Year Factory Warranty

  • Hydro-Jet Self Cleaning


  • BW ICON® Diagnostic System


  • Vitraglas® Tank Lining

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Bradford White Natural Gas Low NOx

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