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Gas Tankless

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Tankless Pros Az Hot Water Heater Solutions since 1979 in Phoenix, Arizona, and Surrounding Areas Water Heaters Service in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City, Peoria, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Good Year, Surprise, Litchfield Park AZ, and Surrounding Areas.

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, you should consider the many benefits of a gas tankless water heater over a traditional one. One benefit is that a gas tankless water heater installed is now more affordable than ever before. Here is an overview of gas tankless water heaters, including some useful benefits of opting for this type of water heater:



Unlimited Hot Water

Get unlimited hot water, no more cold showers or waiting for the water to get hot again after someone beat you to the shower. Here’s how it works: when you turn on any faucet, cold water enters the tankless unit, and the water is instantly flash-heated as it quickly travels to your faucet; hot water never stops until you shut off the faucet; then, tankless water heater unit shuts off too.



Instant Hot Water Recirculation

No more waiting for the water to get hot at your shower or faucets; now, get instant hot water on demand with the built-in Navien Navi-Circ hot water recirculation pump feature. No more wasted water going down the drain waiting for the water to get hot; hot water is always available whenever you want it.



Lower Energy Bills

Many gallons of hot water,  just sitting inside your old traditional water heater waiting to be used; these older water heaters must maintain hot water 24 hours a day- 365 days a year, resulting in wasted energy. Gas tankless water heaters save you energy costs by only producing hot water on demand; hot water is never wasted. Of course, less energy usage will result in lower energy bills for you. Most customers save as much as 50% on their water and energy bills, depending on their total hot water usage. It will also result in less of an impact on the environment.


Safe Hot Water Heater Installation

With traditional tank-type water heaters, scalding is possible. However, scalding can be eliminated with a Navien gas tankless choice, as the temperature is much more consistent and easily controlled. This makes a Navien tankless water heater a smart choice in Phoenix and surrounding areas. 



Solutions and Features 

Tankless water heaters use less space, the units are about the size of an airline carry-on luggage, they hang on the wall where your old water heater was located, and the tankless units can be mounted outdoors if needed; you can get options such as WIFI so you can control many features such as the temperature from your phone, we recommend the Navien brand for use in all areas of Arizona because of the dual stainless steel heat exchangers, this brand is best suited for Arizona homes because of the higher mineral content found in the water, other brands have copper heat exchangers and don’t measure up to a Navien. 


Dependable and trouble-free operation, Navien tankless is 0.95EF to 0.97EF (energy efficient), making them “Energy Star” compliant; they qualify for a federal 30% tax credit. The Navien brand has one of the highest warranties in the industry: 15 years for the heat exchanger, five years for all other parts and components, and three years on our workmanship; the average life span with proper maintenance is 25+ years.


Upgrade Now - Why Wait?

So, call us if you’re in the greater Phoenix and surrounding areas and are ready to upgrade to a gas tankless water heater. We will give you several options to minimize cost so you can choose which model is best for your family, home, and budget. Tankless Pros Az will provide a written, no-obligation quote and guaranteed prompt, professional service. With over 44 years of experience, we know how to do it right; our technicians are friendly, professional, and Navien-certified installation pros.



Free Written Quote

In most cases, we can give you a quote right over the phone; in some cases, we may have to come out and see your installation location before getting a quote. No more worrying about wasted water, wasted energy, and flooding your home when that old 50-gallon water heater spills all that rusty water out.

Call Us for a free no, obligation-written quote today, and we give free advice and helpful hints. 

(602) 299-4343 ask for Sid Baysinger

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